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Campus Tours & Visits

Free Guided Walking Tours

Visit our campus located in the heart of the Prosperina Protective Forest, one of the lungs of the city of Guayaquil, which houses more than ten thousand students who come from different parts of the country to this prestigious university.

Have a great view of the campus of the largest public university in the country visiting the faculties and important research laboratories. Explore the trails of this beautiful protective forest, which lead to discover the native flora and fauna of an ecosystem known as tropical dry forest.

We offer a variety of tours that will allow you to get to know the Prosperina campus of ESPOL, from guided individual, family and group tours. Choose among the alternatives that best suit you. 

Contact us:  int.relations@espol.edu.ec

The practice of sports is an essential part of the education of polytechnic students, for this reason ESPOL has sports facilities in optimal conditions such as soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, cycling, kayak practices, among others. This tour will take visitors to know the facilities where these sports are practiced.

Contact us: int.relations@espol.edu.ec

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Being located within the Prosperina Protector Forest, has a great advantage: the opportunity to know and appreciate the great variety of flora and fauna typical of the area. We propose a tour of the trails that will take you to know this wonderful world of biodiversity.

Contact us int.relations@espol.edu.ec

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Another attraction that we want to show you are the artificial lakes that give a special feature to the campus. In these bodies of water you can perform recreational and sports activities. Walking around the trail will allow us to see flora such as the Ceibo, Guayacán, Mango, Samán, and typical fauna of the dry tropical forest such as herons, pigeons, swallows, fish such as tilapia, carp, etc 


This tour will allow visitors to know the different faculties available to ESPOL, as well as the undergraduate programs offered by each faculty. If you want to know a little more about a particular faculty, click on the link above it. The duration of the tours will depend on the faculties you want to visit. Contact us: int.relations@espol.edu.ec

Research Laboratories

The visit to ESPOL´s laboratories will give you a clearer vision of the type of researchs that are carried out on campus. There is a lot of enthusiasm among students of all faculties to align themselves with the slogan of the university; CREATE, GROW and INNOVA.  You will travel through the following research laboratories.

Visits outside of ESPOL for exchange students and international visitors

Guayaquil is a city full of places and people of charm that also deserves to be discovered by the visitors of ESPOL, for this reason, as part of the tours offered by the International Relations Management we will take you to explore the most important tourist attractions of our great city.

 Here are some relevant sites in the city. We also inform you that for more information you can contact the International Relations office, which is located in the building of the Rectorate within the Prosperina campus.

Important urban park located in the heart of the city next to the iconic Guayas River, it is a tourist circuit that combines modern architecture with historical legacies, nature. It is also a hammer of the urban regeneration process.

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It is a platform proposed by the M.I. Municipality of Guayaquil to open up urban art nationally and internationally. The square is designed to be one of the new tourist centers of the city. There are exhibitions of urban art and workshops given by renowned artists of Guayaquil.

It is a must for all the visitor of the city. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, it will take you to learn about the life of the Guayaquil people of the early 20th century, and also the lifestyle of the rich cocoa farmers of the time.
It also has a collection of typical animals from the area located in an area adapted to its true habitat.


This neighborhood, born in the colonial era, with more than 400 years old, is the first neighborhood of Guayaquil, which towards the seventeenth century was the spa or the summer resting place of wealthy people. This tour will take you to the past of this great city and you will understand why we are proud to be from Guayaquil.

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Living in Guayaquil also brings entertainment and fun. We recommend you to check on the following places to have a blast in the city

Morgan Pirate Ship

Guayaquil Vision Tour Bus

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