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Plannig your stay

Accommodation Services

Areas to live & Prices
If you want to rent your own apartment, we will recommend to live in the northen area of Guayaquil, since it is the closest to ESPOL campus; we also suggest the following areas to look for your new residence:


Neighborhood of the north of Guayaquil, located 20 minutes from the Gustavo Galindo Campus; it has many basic services and entertainment, the best known avenues that limit this neighborhood are Francisco de Orellana, Guillermo Pareja, among others. It is characterized by being divided into stages, the same ones that have a wide service of public and private bus lines. It is well known for its variety of restaurants, banking agencies, churches, supermarkets, shopping malls such as the large and modern shopping center called CityMall and La Rotonda among other facilities.


Neighborhood located 10 minutes from the Gustavo Galindo Campus, north of the city of Guayaquil; It is characterized by being a set of citadels, the best known and recommended are Ceibos Norte, Colinas de los Ceibos, Parque de los Ceibos, Las Cumbres, Santa Cecilia and Los Olivos. It limits with popular neighborhoods such as Mapasingue, Miraflores, and the nearest shopping centers called Riocentro Los Ceibos and Piazza Ceibos. You can also find numerous services such as Los Ceibos General Hospital of the North of Guayaquil, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food shops, banking agencies, gyms, among others.


Commercial urbanist center located 25 minutes from the Gustavo Galindo Campus, it is divided into Kennedy Vieja and Kennedy Nueva; it has the large Hopitalario  group called Clínica Kennedy founded in 1978. There are many parks, hotels, and at the same time, large shopping centers such as Policentro Mall and San Marino Shopping Mall.


Neighborhood located north of the city of Guayaquil and 16 minutes from the Gustavo Galindo Campus, known for its peculiar characteristic of naming its streets with tree names; the most recognized are Balms, Cedars, Dates, Ebony, Ficus, among others. Its main avenue is called Víctor Emilio Estrada. Urdesa has many services and entertainment places, there are many shopping malls, a Supermarket called Mi Comisariato, boutiques, restaurants, cafeterias, hostels, spa, clinics and dentists, banks, discos, bars, among others.

Renting an apartment in these areas goes from 150.00 USD -350.00 USD monthly, the price varies according to the specifications, basic services and housing conditions. We also suggest to check on the Be Brother / Sister program.

Accommodation "Off Campus"

ESPOL has corporate contracts with the best hotels in the city, you should only refer to the name of ESPOL at the time of making your reservation. We also suggest you contact the International Relations Department of the university.

Hilton Colón
20 minutes from ESPOL is the majestic Hilton Colón hotel. It is located in the financial area of ​​the city and near shopping and leisure centers of the city. It offers ESPOL visitors corporate rates in their accommodation and food services.

Contact: María Esther Salazar, Hilton Meetings Manager, Phone: +593 4 268 9000 - Cell: +593 9 99089001

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Sheraton Guayaquil Hotel
ESPOL has a corporate agreement with the Sheraton Hotel Guayaquil, for this reason it is one of the most convenient options for our national and international visitors. Sheraton Hotel has 139 rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, spa and massage, swimming pool. In addition, the hotel is located in the best commercial area of ​​the city and 20 minutes from the ESPOL Prosperina campus.

Contact: María Fernanda Grijalva, Commercial Coordinator, Phone: +593 4 3707070 - Cell: +593 9 85200988
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Radisson Hotel Guayaquil
The Radisson Hotel Guayaquil is located in the Kennedy district area of ​​Guayaquil. It has 85 luxury rooms, two restaurants, a delicatessen, meeting rooms and a fitness center. It is located 20 minutes from our university and has special rates for all its visitors.

Contact: María Fernanda Grijalva, Commercial Coordinator, Phone: +593 4 3707070 - Cell: +593 9 85200988
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Grand Hotel Guayaquil
In the heart of Guayaquil is this hotel full of history and tradition. It is constituted with 183 fully equipped rooms, in addition to amenities that will make your stay very pleasant.
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Residences "On campus"

The International Mobility Center has two student residences fully equipped with all the necessary elements to make the visitor feel at home. The Residence 1, located by the Technology Building, has 18 suites which are distributedd in 14 suites for single visitors , and 4 suites for couples visitors. The Residence 2, situated by the Forest entrance, has 7 units (houses), three of them are for couple visitors (they has one bedrooms) and 4 units for 4 students or couple with children (they have 2 bedrooms). All of these residences have complementary services such as WIFI, laundry room, and parking areas.

For reservations contact Fanny Cueva or int.relations@espol.edu.ec

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Interested in discovering more of Guayaquil?
Below, we provide you with links of interest:

Dining Services

Sweet & Coffee (Enjoy the Moment)

Enjoy conversations between friends accompanied by a good coffee or a sweet to lift your spirits ... Sweet & Coffee is the perfect place to relax accompanied by the best desserts and drinks located in the heart of the university.
Take a break and enjoy the moment!

The Toño-Food Truck cart
Do not have time and enjoy fast food? ... La Carreta de Toño is the perfect place to enjoy a good hamburger, sandwichs, hot dogs, burritos, among other offers that will get you out of trouble.

Bar located in the Faculty of Engineering in Mechanics and Production Sciences that offers a variety of breakfasts, juices, smoothies, among other healthy dishes.

Coffee Bar Milatto Café
Cafeteria bar that offers a variety of snacks, desserts, empanadas, drinks, among other offers. Located in the Faculty of Engineering in Mechanics and Production Sciences.

FIEC Dining Room

Restaurant located in the Faculty of Engineering in Electricity and Computing, offers a student menu and another executive; It also offers traditional dishes of the city. Prices vary from $ 2.00- $ 3.00.

Main Dining Room of the FCSH

Restaurant located in the Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences, behind the Carreño de Toño; offers executive and normal menus for students. Prices range from $ 2.00- $ 3.00.

Dining Room Fresh Food Lab

New dining room located opposite the B. Pacifico Banking Agency, offers diverse menus for students, executives, vegans and a la carte dishes. Prices range from $ 2.75- $ 5.00.

Dining room of CELEX

Dining room located in the Center for Foreign Languages ​​(Celex); offers combos of breakfasts, menus for students, executives and a la carte dishes. Prices range from $ 2.00- $ 3.00.

Dining room Neo EDCOM / LICTUR

Restaurant located in the School of Design and Visual Communication by the artificial lake of the University; offers breakfast, smoothies, menus for students, variety of salads, among other options. Prices range from $ 2.00- $ 3.00.

Swimming pool dining room

Dining room located in front of the Faculty of Life Sciences (FCV) for the recreational area of ​​the pool. It stands out for its variety of menus for students, executives and other options. Prices range from $ 2.00- $ 3.00.

To consult, the weekly menu click for more information.

If you want to eat off campus, there not a problem. Guayaquil offers many food options for all kind of tastes. You can find restaurants that serve typical Guayaquilean dishes or very good places with a wide variety of gourmet dishes, or well-known international fast-food restaurants.

We recommend you visit Rio Centro Ceibos Mall (10 minutes away from ESPOL campus), a shopping center that has a food court where you can find restaurants and caffee shops with a wide range of national and international specialties. The followings are the most visited:

Biscuit by Nane:

Serving desserts, cookies, brownies and pies

Carl´s Jr.:

Fast foods


Various dishes


Coffee and bakery

China Wok:

Gourmet Asian Food


Exotic American Food

Chop Chops:

Grill Restaurant

El Español:

Spanish dishes

Il Cappo di Mangi:

Italian cousine

Near Campus you can find:

Il Bucco:

Fine italian restaurante.

La Selecta:

Artisan Bakery 

Lúdica Coffee House:

Coffee shop

If you want to supply your pantry, you can find the best fresh fruit, vegetable and groceries in markets and supermarkets all over the city

The best know places to do the grocery shopping are:


There you can find the best quality in fruit, vegetable, meat, fish in the market. You can even have a better price in their products if you get the Megamaxi affiliate card


This shop offers a great dear of the best products in the market. 

Mi Comisariato

A huge grocery market chain that serves not only Guayaquil, but also all the country. You can find a wide range of fresh groceries and also house products, clothing, gardening, and so on.

Transport Services

BICIESPOL, is the new transport service that includes a FREE bicycle loan model. In the Campus "Gustavo Galindo Velasco" located in Km. 30.5 Perimeter Route. The BiciESPOL section has two stations, one at the main entrance and one on the side of the rectorate building. The tour can take up to 7 minutes. The route includes 2 KM. There are 139 available bicycles for the exclusive use of the polytechnic community.

Clic Here

TransEspol is the private company in charge of providing the transport service, with routes of entry, exit and internal:


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It is a free service that circulates all the campus, its route begins from 06:45 am to 16:00 pm.

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Public transport
The following transport lines leave you at the main entrance of the Campus:

 Line 121
Cost: $ 0.30 cents
Main route or stops: Guayaquil Land Terminal, Plaza Mayor Shopping Center, La Rotonda, City Mall, Coca Cola Company, Martha de Roldós.

Line 75 Vergeles
Cost: $ 0.30 cents
Main route or stops: Vergeles, Samanes Park, Samanes 7, Riocentro Norte Shopping Center, La Rotonda Shopping Center, CityMall, Coca Cola Company, Martha de Roldós.
Recommendation: Take bus 75 Vergeles no 75-A. 

Feeder Route Mapasingue-Ceibos
Cost: $ 0.30 cents, use of integrated balance metroway card. You can get it at the metro stations or nearest stops.
Main route or stops: From the Mapasingue stop on the Daule road, to the main entrance of the Gustavo Galindo Campus.  

Medical and Banking services

Espol has two banking facilities. There is a Pacific Bank branch located in front of the Fresh Food Lab restaurant. It is enabled to make any type of transaction, it also has an ATM. There is also a Banco del Austro´s ATM located at the Social Science and Humanistic Faculty bus stop (FSCH). This is an universal ATM, and it is enabled for Cirrus, Visa, Mastercard, Banred, and others money cards. 

Espol has a Student and Polytechnic Welfare Unit, offers comprehensive health services, such as medical, psychological, dental and clinical laboratory services. If you need to receive medical attention, all you have to do is go to the UBEP and get your student medical form to access the health services.

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