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International Agreements

We know the importance of collaborative work through internationa cooperatioin. For this reason, Espol keeps agreements with prestigious universities, organisms, and important companies to carry out both accademic and research projects with professors, researchers, and staff from universities all over the world.

These agreements are accomplished thanks to ESPOL staff management and its peers in related institutions abroad in search for new knowledge that solves national, regional, and international problems. To know more about these agreements, you can revise the following information

A list of the organization in which students and staff have been benefit may be downloaded here. This list is annually updated, and may vary from one year to another



Los convenios registrados en la página web, corresponden a los convenios vigentes hasta el momento. Algunos convenios son marco, donde no se especifica el proceso de movilidad, número de movilidades o condiciones de la misma. Los convenios tienen responsables de su operatividad, puede comunicarse con nosotros para direccionarlo.