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Student Mobility


ESPOL, situated in the city of Guayaquil, is an excellent option to carry out a student mobility.

With nearly 700 hectares of dry forest, ESPOL has soccer, tennis, and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, some cafeterias, libraries, internet´access, wifi, and student residences, that provides an appropriate environment for an Academic Mobility.


Modalities for Mobility:

  1. Academic Mobility: Study one semester abroad through CINDA or another university agreement
  2. Research internships: They are managed directly through the Academic Unit and/ or the Research Center

Academic Mobility:

1. Choose 1 or 2 options from the universities listed at the following link: http://www.cinda.cl/programa-movilidad/

2. Check the university web page you chose and its academic offer, which should be similar to the one studied in ESPOL

3. Review the study program and the subjects you would like to enroll

4. Request a recommendation letter from your Career Coordinator, with whom you should choose the subjects to be taken

5. Request an endorsement letter from the your Academic Unit Dean, which must include:

  • Name of the student requesting the mobility,
  • Career of studies,
  • Student ID number,
  • Destination university,
  • Semester of studies, and
  • Subjects to be taken.

6. In the link, enter the information requested and upload the following information:

  • Recommendation letter from the Faculty Dean
  • Complete CINDA form previously signed by the Academic Coordinator
  • Student's CV
  • Certificate of conduct
  • Certificate of NO having debts with the institution
  • Student's grade Certificate

*In case the syllabus and/or subjects contents are not available on the destination university web page, please contact the International Relations Office.


Are you an International Student?

There are three modalities to carry out a Student Mobility:

  1. Academic Mobility: Study a semester in ESPOL
  2. Research: Internships at Espol Research Centers

If you wish to do an Academic Mobility in ESPOL, you should review the following document:

  • Institutional information
  • Important dates
  • Academic offer
  • Career and subject information
  • Recommended academic load for exchange students
  • Grading system
  • Admission process for exchange students
  • Student visa
  • Lodging

If you wish to carry out a research internship, you must first present a project proposal you wish to complete as part of your internship, which will be directed to the appropriate Academic Unit or Research Center for reviewing your documents and confirming vacancies. The required documents are:

  • Student's CV
  • Research proposal
  • Recommendation letter from a professor at your home university
  • ESPOL agreement copy (if applicable)
  • Passport copy
  • Application letter issued by the International Relations Office from the home university

* The internships are subject to the research projects carried out in ESPOL. For this reason, we recommend you check the ESPOL website in the following link: http://www.espol.edu.ec/es/investigacion/lg/proyectos-semilla, or review the Research Center information, so you have more project options.