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Management Objectives

The International Relations Office, aims to interact in the international university environment, with credit and cooperation agencies, and public and private educational institutions of Ecuador.

To be a leader and referent of Higher Education in Latin America, according to the institutional vision supported in article 2 of the Statute of ESPOL. To maintain agreements with Universities and Research Institutes around the world; to consolidate cooperation policies in several areas such as research, postgraduate training programs, undergraduate student mobility, and scholar mobility.

To participate, as part of the internationalization process, in bilateral programs and agreements; allowing our undergraduate students to be part of exchange programs in universities in North America, Europe, China and Latin America. Reciprocally, to stimulate the external demand for internships of international students in our campuses.

To coordinate and support both the undergraduate and postgraduate mobility programs and the structuring policies of the international agreements and programs that constitute the daily praxis that sustains the operative dynamics of the International Relations Management, to which we invite you to know.