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"Be a buddy" Program

The "Be a Buddy" program has been developed by the Office of International Relations to provide an international experience to ESPOL students through a cultural exchange with international students, who are undetaking an academic mobility in the institution.

Benefits for ESPOL students:

• To Make new friends

• Cultural exchange: history, customs, society, etc.

• To practice or learn a new language

• To know new learning methodologies

• To promote ESPOL and Ecuador

Benefits for international students:

•To make new friends

•Cultural exchange: history, customs, society, etc.

•To be guided by an ESPOL student to university life.

•To have a "friend" to help new students adapt to the city and its customs, thus reducing the culture shock.

•To know new learning methodologies

•To have the opportunity to promote their own university and country.


The "buddies" are a group of volunter student who provide support and guidance to international students who undertake an academic or research mobility in ESPOL, through academic and cultural activities approved by the Department of International Relations.


  • To integrate foreign students to ESPOL university life

  • To do "be a buddy" activities during one month, starting from the induction date

  • To introduce only the ESPOL campus to international students

* More information by mail rrii@espol.edu.ec


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