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"Be a Sister / Brother" Program

The "Be a Sister/ Brother" program is a hosting platform for hosting foreign students in local families. It is aimed at the Polytechnic community of Guayaquil (students, alumni, teachers and administrators), who wish to host foreign students in ESPOL through academic mobility for one or two semesters.

This alternative accommodation allows exchange students to learn about the local culture through the host families. By sharing their experiences, families help students in their formation and knowledge of Ecuadorian culture, all in a friendly and pleasant environment.

The selected families will receive the student in their homes during their stay in ESPOL. This accommodation regime covers accommodation + breakfast for the student.

International students benefits:

  • The opportunity to learn about Ecuadorian culture and lifestyle 
  • Live in a warm and welcoming home that contributes positively to the cultural experience in a new environment
  • Help the participants in their adaptation process during their stay in our country..
  • Accommodation at a more affordable cost

Host family Benefits:

  • Strengthen friendship ties with international students
  • Cultural exchange: history, customs, gastronomy, etc.
  • Know firsthand the details and information about a new culture, and expand the vision of your family
  • A monthly contribution of the international student from 200.00 USD to 250.00 USD, depending on the conditions of the home


Form and deadline for host families applications

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Photocopy of the applicant identity document
  3. Photos of the apartment (student´s room and common areas)
  4. Send all the requirements by email to rrii@espol.edu.ec


Once the applications and all the information presented have been verified, a provisional list of admitted and excluded persons will be published, indicating to the latter the reason for their exclusion.

For any additional information, contact the International Relations Office.


Host family list:


No.-   Families   Home       address     Preferences     Photos  First Term Availability Second Term   Availability 
1 Altamirano Pérez Urb. Torres del Salado Any 1 Yes Yes

 Castillo Romero  

Cdla. Ceibos Norte, calle Segunda Preferable girls 1 Yes Yes
3 García Cadena Urb. Bosques de la Costa Any 1 Yes Yes

Nan Solórzano

Urbanización Santa Cecilia (Ceibos)  Any 1 Yes Yes
5 Pazmiño Piedra Cdla. Bellavista Any 1 Yes Yes
6 Peñafiel Anchundia Urb. Puerto Azul Girls only 1 Yes Yes




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