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ESPOL Mission and Vision

Mission.- Cooperate with society to improve the quality of life, and to promote sustainable and equitable development, through integral and competent professional training, research, and innovation. 



Vision.- To be a consolidated academic community, with high international standards, of creative and innovative leaders who respond in a timely manner to the needs of society.




  • Integrity.- We practice ethics in our actions, and we are accountable for what we do.
  • Cooperation.- We form a community open to cooperation to solve problems in solidarity. 
  • Commitment.- We express our commitment to academic excellence, to the well-being of the human being and the care of nature.   
  • Empathy.- We manifest a genuine sensitivity to our stakeholders needs, and we work as a team to satisfy them. 
  • Dedication.- We do more than what is expected from us, with passion and enthusiasm at the service of society. 
  • Openness.- We are open to the world, to new experiences, and we welcome valuable people with diverse opinions and perspectives. 
  • Innovation.- We generate value by seeking new and better solutions to solve problems, and take advantage of the opportunities.